Clear Lake County: Wurm Online
It's daytime! It's summer. It is 12:35:00 on Luck day in week 4 of the starfall of the Bear in the year of 1064.
Farmer Helen
Farmer Helen sez:
Y'all got a heap o' harvestin' ta do.
Table displays crops that MAY be harvestable. Dates of harvest vary by 4 Wurm weeks.
Clear Lake County   Wurm Online

Clear Lake County is a player-made, gated community in the game Wurm Online.  Within Clear Lake County are three villages: Clear Lake Manor, Clear Lake Nature & Culture Center, and Ferndean Manor.

Clear Lake Nature & Culture Center welcomes travelers to stay in the comfortable and pleasant Phantom City Inn and enjoy the free food and beverages of the Lotus Blossom Tea Room restaurant and bar.

Because the county is fully fenced, it is a safe environment for players of every level to move about freely without danger.

In Clear Lake County, we encourage Buddhist culture by which we mean the practice of meditation and an effort to refrain from killing and violence. 

The Clear Lake Nature & Culture Center (CLNCC) houses the CLNCC Wild Animal Park and Sanctuary, where we house and breed wild animals, such as bears, lions, and even an occasional hell hound.  The animals can live out their lives there in peace and tranquility, while human visitors can enjoy watching the animals or have a pleasant lunch in one of the park's pagodas.

If you love to kill things, or you love sports, there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of games out there for you to choose from.  For those of us who would rather test our wilderness-survival skills, live in a little cabin in the woods, make things, shape the world, and explore vast expanses of forest and wilderness, then there is only one.

If you like to play hack and slash killing games, then you can do that in Wurm, too.  But, then again, there are many such games.  Only in Wurm can you live a life entirely in peace in your own little cottage in the village, never wielding a weapon, and, like you would in real life, run for your life and scream for the guards when you encounter a bear on your travels. 

Wurm Online is the most sophisticated wilderness survival and sandbox game in existence. 

A player arrives in the game world with some gear and a set of survival tools that one might be supplied in the military.  You've got your trusty pocket knife, of course, a lighter, a shovel, an axe, a saw, and several other items you'll need to make it alone in a forest. 

First things first, you have to learn to forage for some food, a handful of berries or a pumpkin.  (Sure, why couldn't you find a pumpkin on the ground in the middle of the woods?)  Then you'd better learn to start a fire and cook a meal before setting off to find your new home. 

You can roam the land fighting off bears and giant scorpions; you can settle down and build yourself a cabin where you can relax a bit and take off your chainmail at night; you can find a city and live together with other villagers; or you can build a city of your own.  You can fight other players, or live in peace with your neighbors.  You can search for animals to kill, or you can befriend and tame them.  You can play the game your own favorite way.




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